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Puppy Rayn and Friends (Day 25)

Comic #25


"This is my friend, Sylvia the Centaur! She can change to a human and back again! She and her husband, Squire Tony, own this farm! Even though she doesn't eat or cook meat, her food is the best!" Puppy barks excitedly.

"Nice meeting you!" Konekomimi greets Sylvia.

"Nice to meet you too! Speaking of food, you're just in time for lunch!"

"Oh, good! I'm soo starved, I could eat horse soup! OOPS! I didn't mean that!" Konekomimi blushes under her fur.

"Oh, don't worry!" Sylvia laughs, "It's ok! Besides, you're in luck! I'm part horse and I made soup!"

And so, Puppy Rayn, Konekomimi, Squire Tony and Sylvia the Centaur sit around their table and eat their soup... mmmmmmmmmm.... good soup!

(C)2000-2013 Kevin Conner, Artwork: Andrew DeCrescenzo

Uploaded at 23:00 on 14 August

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