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Puppy Rayn and Friends: Tora part 1 (Day 21)

Comic #21


Puppy Rayn and Friends Presents . . . . .


By Kevin Conner
Art: Andrew DeCrescenzo

Tora is patent protected in US, CA, AU with additional international trademarks and copyright restrictions.
For more information on Tora (including a complete set of the rules in *.pdf format and multiple languages), please visit, or contact us through either the official Puppy Rayn website or the official Puppy Rayn facebook site.

The following is in the words of Konekomimi as she explains the game to our silly puppy:

Puppy! Sylphe said you wanted to learn a new game! So, I'm here to teach you!

The first thing we need to do is to take out a giant piece of normal or construction paper & make a GRAPH board of 1" squares w/ colored dots!

The image displayed is that of a 9x9 graph board. This is done to assist people who have a standard checkers or chess board, so you may place the pieces on the line intersections. You may also make a board with 9 spaces by 9 spaces to play with your pieces on each space instead of each line intersection.

The Game Pieces

(puppy thinks moving diagonal is !FUN!) - yes, this means the pieces can move in all directions.

The General - Konekomimi or Rayn

The first, & most important, piece is the GENERAL! Let's make your General look like you, and mine look like me, ok?
A General can move up to 2 spaces in any direction, & attack up to 1 adjacent space in any direction all with one action! If a General is taken then it is GAME OVER!!!

Nice Sylphe - The Archer

Archers can either move 2 spaces, OR move 1 and attack a piece 1 space away, OR attack up to 2 spaces away all in any direction! Archers can shoot over everyone, EXCEPT Soldiers who are in defense position.

Friend Brisa - The Soldier

Soldiers can move 1 space, or turn upside down from attack position into defense position, or right side up to turn back to attack. When in defense, a Soldier cannot move, & an Archer cannot shoot over the head of an upside down Soldier. If they try, the Soldier is shot & taken instead.

Mr. Moon - The Cannon

The Cannon needs to use 2 adjacent, friendly pieces to move, reload, or attack. It takes 1 action to do any of the above. Only pieces who have not used an action or helped the Cannon may be used in this way. A Cannon may fire in any direction, & its shot has unlimited range until it hits a piece.

Movement and Gameplay

* Movement always takes place before attack.
* A General taken at the end of a round in which it's attacked, allowing the Opposition to use it one last time. All others are taken
at the end of the turn in which they're hit.
* There are two turns per round.
----Orange (Challenger) takes the first turn in a round.
----Red (Opposition) takes the Last turn.
* Each player has 2 actions per round, and may use 1, 2 or no actions (passing).
* When a non-Cannon piece lands on another piece, it is considered an attack, and the piece which is landed upon is hit. Cannons may not move to an occupied space.

BOTH players can choose either Setup #1 or Setup #2. Yes, that does mean both players can use Setup #1, or both can use Setup #2, or both can use different setups.

Using a text diagram (copy and paste into notepad to better see the text diagram if you are having issues viewing 'Courier New'), the following is how each setup appears in the graphic, assuming the General is in the middle on Horizontal Space 5 of the back most line for each player:

Setup #1 -

Setup #2 -

Have fun!

Uploaded at 23:00 on 10 August

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