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Puppy Rayn and Friends SUNDAY IN COLOR! (day 14)

Comic #14


by Kevin Conner
'twas midnight and the slimy toads
did flotsam and jetsam in the lake
Hungry did the guardmen go
they scoured for their bait

Beware the Puppywock, my son,
The eyes that pout, the slurping tongue!
Beware the forlorn call, and run
should he expose puppy tum!

With euthanasia in his hand,
to the puppy foe he thought,
but tired was he,
as fifty worker bees,
so cranky he did pout!

And as the grumpy pout did brew,
the PUPPYWOCK, voice giggling,
came bursting forth from muddy stew,
came laughing bards would sing!

the Puppy's jokes caused laughs and snorts!

The Ogre smiled!
The Puppy won!
green hand rubbed furry tum

"And hast thou slain the Puppywock!?"
A ball of fluff came from his arms
Ogres, Scary! Puppy, Funny!
Rayn used pup-py faced charms

'twas midday and the slimy toads
did flotsam and jetsam in the lake
Snoring did the guardmen go
And dreamt about fishcakes!

(C)2000-2013 Kevin Conner, Artwork: Andrew DeCrescenzo

Uploaded at 01:00 on 04 August

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