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Puppy Rayn and Friends is devoted to working with/assisting individuals, businesses, non-profit, health and/or learning institutions whose sole purpose is to promote the welfare of children (be they religious or non, such as, but not limited to: church rescue organizations, hospitals, schools or soup kitchens), and animal companions (such as, but not limited to: zoos or rescue shelters).
In addition to our free resources on this website, if you help children or animals, and wish to partner with us to determine how to further help either, please feel free to contact us.
Some limitations or restirctions may apply.  Prospective partners are evaluated on a case by case basis.

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Let's read the news!
News Update #17 (04/25/14): Our main website has been approved by the kidSAFE® program!:D  This is big news and we are very proud to be apart of the kidSAFE® family of websites!  Here is the OFFICIAL blurb prepared by kidSAFE®: is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program. is certified by the kidSAFE® Seal Program. The kidSAFE® Seal Program is an independent certification service and seal program that reviews and certifies the safety practices of children-friendly websites and applications, including kid-targeted game sites, virtual worlds, social networks, PC and mobile apps, web-connected devices, and other similar online and interactive products.  Click on the seal or go to for more information.

Parents, please take note, we submitted the official Puppy Rayn website (this site).  While we do everything we can possibly do to insure our other sites (facebook and twitter) are as clean and safe as possible, those sites are not verified due to the nature of the internet, and, as always, we advise parents to be in charge when visiting those sites to help better protect their children.  Both facebook and twitter require direct parental supervision when participating in social media, and we support their age limits.
Finally, do not forget that if you are ever in an emergency situation, please directly contact your nearest authorities!

News Update #16 (4/16/14): The site is now available in Spanish!  Please take note, however, we are primarily English speakers, and as a result, we may not be able to respond in Spanish or keep the news feed fully up to date in Spanish.

News Update #15 (12/18/13): A NEW Packet has been made and is available free as a *.pdf and for purchase as a Kindle file!
Q: Why are we selling it if we're also giving it out for free?
A: Well, not everyone can afford it, and we want every kid who has a computer to have a chance.  If you like it and you have $2.99, then please consider purchasing the Kindle Version!  It helps support us in a myriad of ways!  You can visit our Fun and Games section, or click on the images below:
Click Here to Download the Printable First 30 Days of Puppy Rayn! Click Here to Buy the Kindle Edition!

Click Here to Download the Printable First 30 Days
of Puppy Rayn -


Click Here to Buy
the Kindle Edition!
(which helps support us)

News Update #14 (10/28/13): Interested in a free coloring packet? They make great gifts for trick or treaters, as well as party favors, school and other non-profit functions!
Click Here to Download the Min-Coloring Packet!

News Update #13 (9/15/13): The Colorado Floods have been the worst in decades. Puppy Rayn wants to remind everyone the first thirty days and the free materials on the site are always available for relief workers and non-profits. Feel free to print these pages out to help young kids deal with the tragedy by giving them something enjoyable to take their mind off the situation. Psychological health is as important as physical health.
You can help Colorado victims and rescue fund by visiting many sites, such as this one here:

News Update #12 (9/01/13): Newspapers around the world want to see fan activity before giving serious consideration for syndication! So we've begun the 1,000 Likes for Puppy Rayn on our official FACEBOOK website!
If you like Puppy Rayn, and want to see us picked up, then please visit our facebook website and give us a holler!
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News Update #11 (8/25/13): Our first 30 days is overwith!  Please help us get syndicated/picked up by newspapers, as we will need help: please spread the word, like our facebook page, and if you are capable of making a contact with us and a newspaper that gets us published, you will receive a 10% agent's fee/reward for 1 full year!

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