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Puppy Rayn and Friends is devoted to working with/assisting individuals, businesses, non-profit, health and/or learning institutions whose sole purpose is to promote the welfare of children (be they religious or non, such as, but not limited to: church rescue organizations, hospitals, schools or soup kitchens), and animal companions (such as, but not limited to: zoos or rescue shelters).
In addition to our free resources on this website, if you help children or animals, and wish to partner with us to determine how to further help either, please feel free to contact us.
Some limitations or restirctions may apply.  Prospective partners are evaluated on a case by case basis.

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Let's read the news!
News Update #10 (7/22/13): Our fundraiser is over, and while we get things sorted out to thank and reward our donors (of time, energy and money), we've begun 1 full month of PUPPY RAYN COMICS!:D Each day expect a new update as Andrew recreates the strips i drew a while ago! Help spread the news, as we work toward syndication and other means of publication!

News Update #9 (7/11/13): We've got a new page to thank our Donors and Supporters! Click here to see our thank you page for all of our donors and supporters!
Also, in the next few days we will begin an archive process for past news updates!
Don't forget to check out our video for our fundraiser!

News Update #8 (7/2/13): Big updates behind the scenes! You may notice the new wallpaper on all of our pages! That's not all we updated, but it's the most visually apparent change. Stay tuned and check the facebook site for new pictures (even if you don't have facebook)!

News Update #7 (6/14/13): Massive Update!  We now have a video Puppy Rayn Fundraising Video, as well as a new contact us page!  Check them out!

News Update #6 (6/11/13): The Fun and Games page is up!  Click on Chas to download and color pages and play connect the dots!  Expect more in future updates!

News Update #5 (6/10/13): Check it out guys!  Our store is up and operational! Click here or Sylvia the Centaur to visit it!

News Update #4 (6/8/13): Check it out guys!  We've got two active links, with many more coming soon!  Keep checking here, our facebook site or our Twitter site for more news and updates!

UPDATE #3: Yay! I finally figured out how this php scripting thing works! I'm preparing a surprise for tomorrow, so check back! Two new links will be up and operational, and hopefully the website will be fully functional by Monday Evening!

UPDATE #2: We just finished updating our Indiegogo donation site - All Five Coloring pages are available for download ON the donation site. We got a web acceleration server up so our pages will load faster. I figured out how to make the font Comic Sans MS. I like Comic Sans :D Andrew has begun working on some doodles to spruce up the site and to give us a new poster and background! For the remainder of today I'll be putting up some buttons on our store, and hopefully make the store active by the end of Thursday. The Education Site and Contact Page should be up soon after.

UPDATE: We finished step 1 of our multi step process in getting this website operational! We NOW HAVE A TWITTER!:D
Check above to see our links to both twitter and facebook! Don't forget to stay tuned to regular updates on facebook and Twitter! Once the background image is complete (the final step) this webpage will go live!!!!!

The links are temporarily disabled while we get everything working and awesome! But, I do hope you visit me at the DENVER COMIC CON!:D In the next few days I will be posting information on activities and all sorts of good stuff!

The good news is you can visit our facebook site here for Coloring Pages and Family Friendly Stories and all sorts of fun:

Puppy Rayn and Friends | Promote Your Page Too

To all my friends from the Denver Comic Con, this website WILL be updated as soon as I get a day to work on it! In the meantime, check out our fundraiser:
Click Here to visit the Fund Raiser!

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