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     So many great people and businesses have supported us in some way, or in general, offer some sort of support feature, that I would like to thank all who have played some direct or indirect part in supporting Puppy Rayn.  I am mostly giving out first names, very few last names (unless given permission), so as to protect some donors who would rather be mostly anonymous.
  • The first list is for individuals who donated either their time or their money.
  • The second list is for businesses and locations who have a community board of some sort.
  • The final list is for businesses or locations who at least allowed me to put a notice in the break room.  Unfortunately, some businesses who allowed a break room do not wish to be listed.  I know who you are and I appreciate you.
     If anyone listed on any of these three lists wishes to change their anonymous status, please let me know.  I love helping people out!

Fundraiser 1 Donors and Support

Whose Donation Named a Character 'Crinkles' the Gator
Whose Great Support Created 'Moriah' the Squirrel
Linda Krouse
Whose Donation Named a Character 'Linda'
Whose Donation Created 'Godfrey' the Owl
Nicole Darnell
Whose Donation Named a Character 'Nicole'
Barbara Davenport
Whose Donation named a Character 'Barbara'
Whose Donation named a Character 'Dan'
Whose Donation Created 'Ustilo' the Dragon

Fundraiser 2 Donors and Support

Matt Newcomb
Signed Custom Sketch From Rusty Gilligan!
David Tishler
Signed Custom Sketch and a Button!
Richard Hein
Signed Custom Sketch From Rusty Gilligan!
Jennifer Rash
Dream Angel Comics

Facebook, wonderful person with her shout outs.
Whose Continued Support has been invaluable!
Rusty Gilligan
Who has donated his time and effort in a big way to help reward others!:D
Cory Shannon
Signed Custom Sketch and a Button!

Fundraiser 2
Friendly Establishments with a Community Board/Public Display

Pearl St Mall
City of Boulder, CO
Tom's Tavern
Boulder, Co
Lolita's Market & Deli
Boulder, CO
8th & Pearl Antiques
Boulder, CO
The Laughing Goat
Boulder, CO
Illegal Pete's
Boulder, CO
El Loro Jewelry & Clogs
Boulder, CO
Into the Wind
Boulder, CO
Glacier Ice Cream & Gelato
City of Boulder, CO
Salvaggio's Deli
Boulder, Co
The Boulder Bookstore
Boulder, CO
King Soopers
Greater Denver Metro Area
Jo-Ann Fabrics
Greater Denver Metro Area
Old Santa Fe Mexican Grille
Louisville, Colorado
Comikaze Expo/Stan Lee's Army
A convention and facebook program to help independents get the word out.
Simply Colorado
Denver, CO
Only Colorado
Denver, CO
Wild West
Denver, CO
Where the Buffalo Roam
Denver, CO
Corner Street Bakery
Denver, CO
Barnes & Noble
Denver, CO
Hard Rock
Denver, CO
Paramount Cafe
Denver, CO
Rocket Fizz
Denver, CO
Black & Read
7821 Wadsworth Blvd.,
Arvada, Colorado 80003
I Want More Comics
1020 W 104th Ave,
Northglenn, Colorado 80234
Denver Comic Con
Denver, CO
Natural Grocers
Denver Area, CO

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